Mary, Queen of Scots at the Palace of Holyroodhouse

Join a member of the Learning team as you explore the Palace and look for evidence of Mary, Queen of Scots’ life at Holyroodhouse. Discover what daily life was like for the Queen and her court, investigate the apartments in which she lived and hear all about the murder of her servant David Rizzio when you visit the scene of the crime. For primary school pupils, this session comes with a choice of optional workshops:

Life at Court
Pupils work in small groups to investigate a range of replica objects from the Stuart period. As well as objects used in the Palace, pupils make comparisons with items used by poorer people in Edinburgh at the time. Objects such as chambers pots, candles, tableware, games and pomanders cover themes like hygiene, education and food.

Costume at Court
Using replica costumes from the 1560’s, pupils explore the function of a variety of clothes for rich and poor at the time. Emphasis is placed on looking at the pieces in detail and considering what it would be like to wear these in comparison with clothes today. Pupils also get the opportunity to try key pieces on.  

From Palace to Castle - we have a number of full day workshops available in partnership with Edinburgh Castle.  Please see the link on the right hand side of the page.


“They loved the clothing as we had not covered this in class.” Primary 6 Teacher, Robert Owen Memorial School 

Event details

Curriculum themes: 
Mary Queen of Scots
Age group: 
Second Level
Third and Fourth Levels
School subjects: 
Social Studies
1 hour 30 minutes (2 hours including workshop)
On arrival
£3 per pupil
Palace of Holyroodhouse
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