Leonardo da Vinci: Anatomist

Poetry Competition

Taking inspiration from Leonardo da Vinci's drawings of the foetus (RCIN 919101) and the foetus in the womb (RCIN 919102), the Poetry Society launched a competition asking writers to submit poetic interpretations of Leonardo's work.

The judge of the competition, Clive Wilmer, wrote of the entrants:

'Most of the poets were either appalled or fascinated by the creative mind the drawings suggest: the emotional detachment needed, the precision of hand and eye, the reverence for life.'



The six winning poems are presented here in full:

Womb by Paul Stephenson
Leonardo’s Foetus by Kevin Salmon
Studies of the Foetus in the Womb by Dorothy Yamamoto
Birth Song by Angela Croft 
Artist at Work by Harriet Torr
Affair with the Professor by Anna Kisby