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Kashmir, India

Sabre and scabbard  1864

Gold, diamonds, emeralds, rubies, steel, wood, velvet and silk | RCIN 11410

  • The Prince of Wales entered the hill state of Jammu, within sight of the Himalayas, on 20 January 1876, mounted on an elephant with the Maharaja of Kashmir, Ranbir Singh Sahib Bahadur. Escorted by a troop of the 9th Lancers and passing beneath hastily erected arches along a route lined with crowds, the procession eventually reached the Maharaja's palace, where a durbar was followed by a banquet and fireworks. On this occasion, the Prince also received a cigar case, a hookah, some water bottles, cups and covers, and a magnificent enamelled shield. The gold hilt of this sword is encrusted with diamonds, rubies and emeralds, with a large circular engraved emerald at the centre. At the top or forte of the wavy-edged damascus blade is an ornamental etched panel, and an inscription on the other side records the date and the Maharaja's name. Devanagari inscription on the blade: Maharaja Ranbir Singh Sahab Bahadur, Samvat 1921 (i.e. AD 1864. Transliteration kindly provided by Mr Karni Singh of Jodhpur) Catalogue entry from Royal Treasures, A Golden Jubilee Celebration, London 2002


    Presented to King Edward VII, when Prince of Wales, during his tour of India in 1875-76 by Ranbir Singh, Maharaja of Kashmir.

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    Gold, diamonds, emeralds, rubies, steel, wood, velvet and silk

    gold, diamond, ruby, emerald


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