Practical information for Windsor Castle

The North Terrace, Windsor Castle

Timing your visit

There is a lot to see and do at Windsor Castle, so please allow enough time to make the most of your visit.  We suggest between 2½ and 3 hours. The Castle is at the top of a steep hill, and the visitor route covers long distances. You are advised to wear comfortable shoes.

The Admission Centre is at its busiest between 09:30 and 11:30, so you may like to consider arriving after 11:30. You can visit the State Apartments, the Drawings Gallery, Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House and St George’s Chapel at your leisure using the complimentary multimedia tour, which lasts 1½ hours. Guided tours of the Precincts, which are included in the admission price, depart at half-hourly intervals from the Courtyard and last 30 minutes. St George’s Chapel closes at 16:00, although visitors are welcome to attend evensong at 17:15.

Safety & Security

For safety and security reasons, a one-way system operates along the visitor route.

On arrival, you and your belongings will be subject to airport-style security checks. Please try to bring as little as possible with you as it will help you to get through security screening more quickly.

Some items, such as large items of baggage, backpacks, pushchairs, pen-knives and scissors will have to be checked in and reclaimed at the end of the visit. Please find the full list here.

Your assistance will enable us to move you through the security area as quickly as possible. Please remove all metal objects from your pockets before going through the security arch and pack cameras, phones, keys and wallets in your bag before placing the bag through the security scanner.

You may carry handbags and use pacemakers, hearing aids and other electrical or electronic equipment needed for health reasons. Please approach a Warden if you have any concerns or require assistance.

Smoking, including e-cigarettes, is not permitted.

As Windsor Castle is a working royal palace, security and opening arrangements may be subject to change at short notice.


Eating and drinking are not permitted in the State Apartments or St George’s Chapel. You will be asked to place drinks and food in closed bags before being admitted to the Castle. You can purchase bottled water at the Courtyard Shop at the beginning of your visit.

Visitors wishing to leave the Castle for refreshments in the town may obtain re-entry permits from the Castle shops or the audio return point.

Photography, filming and mobile phones

Photography and filming including the use of wearable devices are not permitted inside the State Apartments, the Semi-State Rooms or St George's Chapel. Photography and filming for non-commercial purposes are welcomed in the outside areas of the Castle Precincts.  Please ask a Warden to point out the most picturesque views of the Castle and surrounding area.

No parts of Windsor Castle may be used as the setting for wedding photography.

In consideration of other visitors, mobile phones must be switched off inside the State Apartments and St George’s Chapel.

Lavatories and baby-care

Lavatories and baby-care facilities are available in the Courtyard at the start of your visit and on the North Terrace before the entrance to the State Apartments. There are accessible lavatories at the Admission Centre, on the North Terrace and in Engine Court.  They are locked with a RADAR key, so please ask a Warden to unlock them if you do not have your own key.

Cloakroom facilities

There is a security cloakroom in the China Museum at the entrance to the State Apartments for the storage of large items of baggage. Large backpacks are not permitted in the State Apartments and must be checked in here.


For safety reasons, pushchairs cannot be taken into the State Apartments. They must be checked in and reclaimed at the exit. Baby carriers and hip seats can be borrowed free of charge, subject to availability.

1-Year Pass

At the end of your visit, don’t forget to ask a Warden to stamp your ticket to convert it into a 1-Year Pass by asking us to treat your ticket purchase as a donation. Terms and conditions apply.

Windsor Castle: Official Souvenir Guide

Windsor Castle: Official Souvenir Guide