Practical information for the Royal Mews, Buckingham Palace

Bench seating at the Royal Mews

Timing your visit

You can visit the Royal Mews at your leisure using the complimentary audio tour, which lasts approximately 45 minutes. Between April - October guided tours also depart at regular intervals throughout the day.

Safety & Security

For safety and security reasons, a one-way system operates along the visitor route.

On arrival, you and your belongings will be subject to airport-style security checks. Please try to bring as little as possible with you as it will help you to get through security screening more quickly.

Certain items such as large items of baggage, pen-knives and scissors are not allowed to be brought into the Royal Mews as there are no cloakroom facilities available.

Your assistance will enable us to move you through the security area as quickly as possible. Please remove all metal objects from your pockets before going through the security arch and pack cameras, phones, keys and wallets in your bag before placing the bag through the security scanner.

You may carry handbags and use pacemakers, hearing aids and other electrical or electronic equipment needed for health reasons. Please approach a Warden if you have any concerns or require assistance.

Smoking, including e-cigarettes is not permitted.

As the Royal Mews is part of a working royal palace, security and opening arrangements may be subject to change at short notice.


Eating and drinking are not permitted at the Royal Mews. You will be asked to place drinks and food in closed bags before being admitted. Food and drink are not available for purchase at the Royal Mews.

Photography, filming and mobile phones

Photography and filming for non-commercial purposes are welcomed at the Royal Mews. 

Mobile phones can be used, but with consideration for other visitors.

Lavatories and baby-care

Lavatories and baby-care facilities are located at the end of the visit.

1-Year Pass

At the end of your visit, don’t forget to ask a Warden to stamp your ticket to convert it into a 1-Year Pass by asking us to treat your ticket purchase as a donation. Terms and conditions apply.

The Royal Mews: Official Souvenir Guide

The Royal Mews: Official Souvenir Guide