Guided tours of Frogmore House

Colonnade Room , Frogmore

During the summer opening of Frogmore House and Garden to group visitors,  guided tours are offered of this delightful royal retreat, set in the beautiful surroundings of the private Home Park about a mile from Windsor Castle. The tours provide an insight into the history of this royal residence and the lives of its occupants.

Frogmore House has been a favourite royal retreat for more than 300 years. Built in the 17th century, it became royal property when it was purchased for George III’s wife, Queen Charlotte, in 1792.  It is no longer an occupied royal residence, but is frequently used by the Royal Family for private entertaining.

The tour ends in the Britannia Room, where, following the decommissioning of the Royal Yacht in 1997, The Duke of Edinburgh arranged a selection of items to reflect the interior of the much-loved vessel. The rich mahogany table that dominates the room was made for Britannia in the 1950s.

Please note that the Royal Mausoleum is not open to visitors as part of any tour.

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