Practical information for Frogmore House

Safety & Security

Visitors and their belongings may be subject to security checks.  
For safety and security reasons, a one-way route operates inside Frogmore House.


There are mobile lavatories at Frogmore House. Additional lavatories, including those for disabled visitors, are available at the entrance to the Home Park.


On the three Spring charity days, visitors are welcome to picnic within Frogmore Gardens.


For safety reasons, pushchairs cannot be taken into Frogmore House. They must be left at the entrance and reclaimed at the end of the visit.

Photography, filming and mobile phones

Photography and filming for non-commercial purposes are welcomed within the grounds of Frogmore House.  

Photography, video recording and filming are not permitted inside the House.

In consideration of other visitors, mobile phones must be switched off inside Frogmore House

1-Year Pass

Please note that tickets to Frogmore House cannot be converted into a 1-Year Pass.

The Royal Mausoleum

Please note that the Royal Mausoleum is not open to visitors as part of any tour.

Frogmore House and The Royal Mausoleum

Frogmore House and The Royal Mausoleum