D/deaf or hard of hearing access: the State Rooms, Buckingham Palace

D/deaf and hard of hearing symbol

Induction loops

The ticket sales desks, shop till counters and the multimedia tour collection and return points are equipped with induction loops. Hearing aids should be switched to the T position. A complimentary multimedia tour is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese and Russian. The multimedia tour handsets are T-coil compatible and equipped with volume control. Neck loops are also available on request. A printed version of the multimedia tour transcript is also available in the above languages.


BSL video tours

BSL video tours are available to borrow free of charge.

A visitor using the Buckingham Palace BSL Video TourFile group: BPSOBSLvideostate rooms

Assistance dogs

Assistance dogs are welcome and water is available on request.


The shop is at the end of the visitor route, in the garden. There are induction loops at all till counters.

Shop with lino flooring

For more information or to feed-back please e-mail specialistsales@royalcollection.org.uk