Blind or partially-sighted access: the State Rooms, Buckingham Palace

Blind and partailly-sighted symbol


There are six steps at the Ambassadors' Entrance, the main entrance to the Palace, and 47 steps on the Grand Staircase leading up to the State Rooms.

Stairs in Buckingham PalaceCopyright information: 

A permanent handrail is available on both sides of the Staircase.


There  are 41 steps down on the Ministers' Staircase at the end of the tour – a permanent handrail is available on both sides of the Staircase. 

The Ministers Stairs, Buckingham PalaceFile group: AccessBPSOBuckingham Palace

There are ten steps from the West Terrace down into the garden.

The steps on the West Terrace, Buckingham PalaceFile group: AccessBPSOBuckingham Palace

Flooring and surfaces

Most rooms are carpeted and some have polished wooden floors.

Carpet flooring in the Picture Gallery, Buckingham PalaceFile group: AccessBPSOBuckingham Palace

The temporary structures at the Visitor Entrance and in the garden have decking floors, and the garden path is gravel.

The garden path, Buckingham PalaceFile group: AccessBPSOBuckingham Palace

As Buckingham Palace is an historic building, the floors may be uneven, and visitors should take care.

Respite seating

A visit to Buckingham Palace lasts approximately 2-3 hours. Seating is available at the Visitor Entrance, in the Ballroom, on the West Terrace and in the garden.

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Audio tour

A complimentary descriptive audio tour is available in English.  Non-descriptive, multimedia, tours are also available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese and Russian.

Audio distribution at Buckingham PalaceFile group: AccessBPSOBuckingham Palaceaudio

Visual aids

Transcripts of the multimedia tour and the Visitor Information leaflet are available in large print.

Assistance dogs

Assistance dogs are welcome, and water is available on request.


The shop is at the end of the visitor route, in the garden. There are ten steps down into the garden. The shop floor is decking.

Shop with lino flooring

An alternative shop, with level access and carpet, is located at the end of the Marble Hall.


Accessible lavatories are available inside the Palace at the beginning of the Access Route and at the end of the visit in the garden.

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