What were Castles for?

Role play during a schools' session at Windsor Castle

Why were many castles built during the medieval period, what were they used for and who lived in them? Focusing on the story of this famous castle at Windsor from the Norman Conquest to the Barons' siege in 1216, a year after King John signed the Magna Carta, and beyond, pupils explore the role of castles long ago and learn about all the people needed to service them and their noble occupants. This lively session looks at the means of attack available to determined enemies and children find out through role play how Windsor’s formidable defences kept them all at bay.

"I heard many teachers and parents commenting on the quality of the learning experience, and the children loved it too."
Class Teacher

Session details

Curriculum themes: 
Events beyond living memory
Significant historical places in your locality
Local history study beyond 1066
Extending chronological knowledge beyond 1066
Materials and their uses
Age group: 
Key stage 1
Key stage 2
School subjects: 
Science (Materials)
Maximum pupils per session: 
50 – 60 (depending on age)
40 minutes
11:30 (lunch 12:30),12:30 (lunch 11:45)
Days of the week: 
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Windsor Castle
Learning room: 
The Moat Room
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