St George's Chapel and the Knights of the Garter

Children participating in a schools' session at St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle

Completed during the reign of Henry VIII, who is one of ten kings buried here, St George’s Chapel has a wealth of educational interest for primary school children.

On this guided tour led by Chapel Stewards, they learn about the history of the Order of the Garter and see the banners of the present-day Knights of the Order; discover the location of the royal tombs and hear stories about some of their occupants; and learn about the Chapel’s role today as a Christian place of worship.   The tour complements many of our sessions including Medieval knights wanted: apply here!, What were castles for? and Was armour heavy? Let's find out...

To support the tour or for follow up work in class, you may like to download and print the St George's Chapel children's trail from the link on the right.

"Really great; the children really took everything in and remembered it the next day! Thank you."
Class Teacher

Event details

Curriculum themes: 
Events beyond living memory
Significant historical places in your locality
Local history study beyond 1066
Extending chronological knowledge beyond 1066
Great architects and designers
Places of worship
Age group: 
Key stage 1
Key stage 2
School subjects: 
Art & Design
Religious Education
Maximum pupils per session: 
30 (2 tours available per day)
30 minutes (led by Chapel stewards)
To fit in with other session booked
Days of the week: 
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Windsor Castle
Learning room: 
St George's Chapel
Before making a booking please visit this page: 
Essential booking and visit information for Schools - Windsor
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