Schools: Windsor
Explore the many stories of Windsor Castle's transformation from William the Conqueror’s wooden fortress to our Queen's splendid palace, and discover a wealth of learning opportunities for your pupils.

School Sessions

Whose royal home is this?

Age group: 
Early Years Foundation Stage, Key stage 1
School subjects: 
Windsor Castle

This fascinating session focuses on the use of Windsor Castle as a favourite home and working palace of Britain's two longest-reigning monarchs: Queen Victoria and her great, great granddaughter Queen Elizabeth II, who in September 2015 surpassed Queen ... Read more about Whose royal home is this?

Once Upon a Castle

Age group: 
Early Years Foundation Stage
Windsor Castle

Five naughty dragons are causing trouble in Windsor and at the Castle.  The chef is angry with the dragons for eating all his food and Little Miss Muffet is scared because spiders are being dropped on her.  Something needs to be done, so The Queen must ... Read more about Once Upon a Castle

Learning Resources

In the footsteps of medieval kings

This 16 page student workbook, developed to support our KS3 learning sessions, can also be used to enhance self-guided visits.

King of the Castle: Children's activity

Why did Henry VIII spend so much time at Windsor Castle? What sports and activities did the King like to do when he was here? Find out by playing the

King of the Castle: Henry's Windsor game. ... Read more about King of the Castle: Children's activity