School children at the Palace of Holyroodhouse
Schools: Edinburgh
The Palace of Holyroodhouse and The Queen's Gallery span 10 centuries of history and over 500 years of art, and provide unique opportunities for creative curriculum based learning.

School Sessions

Palaces and Homes

Age group: 
First Level
School subjects: 
Social Studies
Palace of Holyroodhouse

An opportunity for pupils to explore the daily lives and lifestyles of people at the Palace, past and present. ... Read more about Palaces and Homes

Double Dutch: Decoding Symbolism in Art

Age group: 
Third and Fourth Levels, Senior Phase
School subjects: 
Art & Design; History
The Queen's Gallery, Palace of Holyroodhouse

This session focuses on the symbolism of objects in the paintings of Masters of the Everyday .  Our artist will introduce highlights of the exhibition to your class, encouraging pupils to develop their own responses to what they see.  In the Pa ... Read more about Double Dutch: Decoding Symbolism in Art

Learning Resources

Design a Coat of Arms

Download the activity and design your own Coat of Arms - a design made up of symbols, animals and colours.

If you visit any of the Royal Residences look out for the Coats of Arms or the Royal Standard on display. ... Read more about Design a Coat of Arms

Make a Miniature

Get inspiration from these tiny paintings of royalty.  Download the activity and create your own miniature masterpiece. ... Read more about Make a Miniature