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Jaipur Sword and Scabbard

Listen to Gemmologist Christopher Cavey discussing the Jaipur Sword

India, 1902
Gold, coloured enamel, diamonds, steel
Sword 88.5 cm, Scabbard 89.7 cm

This extraordinarily richly decorated sword and scabbard, set with 719 diamonds, was presented to King Edward VII on the occasion of his coronation in 1902 by the Maharajah of Jaipur Sawai Sir Madho Singh Bahadur (1861–1922).

The sword hilt and the scabbard are of gold, enamelled in blue, green and red and set withrose-cut, brilliant-cut and Indian lasque stones (flat, unfaceted diamonds), which vary in colour from white to yellow and are set in a stylised design of lotus flowers and leaves.

The flat cut of many of the stones, combined with their silverbacked settings, is typical of Indian jewellery.

The rose and brilliant-cut stones were possibly cut in Europe and are an example of the centuries-old trade in diamonds between India and Europe.

In total, the weight of the stones in the sword and scabbard is in the region of 2,000 carats, with the largest stones thought to be the pale yellow diamonds in the end of the crossguard, one of which is estimated at 36 carats.

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