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A catalogue to accompany the Royal Collection exhibition

Possibly Madras and Orissa

Perfume holder c. 1870 - 1875

Gold, silver, wood and rubies | 27.0 x 19.0 x 15.5 cm | RCIN 28692

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This perfume holder was presented to the Prince of Wales by Jashwant Singh ii, Maharaja of Jodhpur (1838–95). The Prince first met the Maharaja at the Madras Racecourse on 15 December, and later at Calcutta, where the Maharaja was made a Knight Commander of the Order of the Star of India on New Year’s Day 1876 .

The bud-shaped holder opens up when the finial is pressed to reveal five perfume holders held by silver filigree brackets. The openwork floral designs on the outside ‘leaves’ of the bud, the gold bottles and the silver filigree suggest that it was produced in different parts of India and later brought together. The gold scrolling foliage on the outer ‘leaves’, the ruby-inlaid perfume bottles and the fluted base are similar in style to metalwork from Madras, and the interior silver filigree work is similar to that produced in Orissa.

A silver and gold perfume holder in the form of a lotus bud; four opening petals with push button finial decorated with an elaborate open work floral design; eight small chased gold scent bottles within also ornamented with floral designs and set with rub

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