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Prince Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales (1594-1612)

  • Received an advanced classical education; he was intelligent, brave and athletic
  • Created Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester in 1610, aged 16; thereafter established his own household
  • His health was never robust and he died aged 18, probably from typhoid fever
  • At Richmond Palace, laid out elaborate gardens in the Italian style
  • Amassed a fine collection of works of art including pictures, sculpture and medals from classical antiquity and the Renaissance
  • Favoured art from the Netherlands and Venice, on biblical or mythological themes
  • Appointed Robert Peake and Isaac Oliver, respectively as official court painter and miniaturist
  • The magnificent library of Lord Lumley (died 1609), incorporating much of the Earl of Arundel’s library, was transferred to him  
  • Assembled a fine collection of arms and armour
  • Elaborate masques were produced for him by Ben Jonson and Inigo Jones


Objects associated with Prince Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales (1594-1612)