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Richard Lionheart: King, Knight, Prisoner at Historisches Museum der Pfalz [Speyer]

Richard I, Coeur de Lion
Richard I, Coeur de Lion ©

In late 1192 Duke Leopold of Austria imprisoned the English king Richard, known as Richard the Lionheart, as he travelled back through Europe after fighting in the crusades in the Holy Land. He remained captive for fifteen months, travelling between Speyer, Mainz and Worms. This exhibition at Speyer will look not only at this tumultuous period of his life, but also at his chivalric career as a knight and his reign as a medieval king, as well as the later romanticisation of the medieval period, particularly during the nineteenth century. This re-examination of the medieval period produced neo-Gothic architecture and interior design, as well as this bronze of Richard the Lionheart by Baron Carlo Marochetti.

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