William IV

Portrait of William IV

Born: 1765
Died: 1837
Reigned: 1830–37

  • Born Prince William, later Duke of Clarence, the third son of George III
  • ‘The Sailor King’, he spent much of his early life at sea
  • In 1818 married Princess Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen; none of their children survived to adulthood
  • Succeeded his brother, George IV; was succeeded by his niece, Queen Victoria
  • Shared few of George IV’s passions for the fine arts and luxury goods, and trimmed away much of the pageantry of the coronation
  • Completed the transformation of Buckingham Palace and refurbishment of the State Apartments at Windsor begun by his predecessor
  • Bought the Rockingham dessert service and services from Worcester and Davenport
  • Formed the present Royal Library at Windsor by bringing together the various small libraries of his predecessors and adding important volumes himself

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