Student placements

Student placements are designed for those who are still in formal education and seeking hands-on work experience during their summer break or as part of their course. You will need to be a current student and part-way through a full-time course in an area relevant to the placement for which you are applying. Applicants will need to demonstrate interest in their chosen field of work.

We run student placements at St James's Palace, Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle.

The areas in which we offer student placements currently include Conservation (Decorative Arts, Paintings or Fine Art and Library), Collections Management and Learning. 

A student placement will allow you to:

  • Apply your academic knowledge to the workplace while gaining hands-on experience
  • Work alongside world-class experts in their field
  • Develop the knowledge required for a successful career within your chosen field
  • Learn and practise key skills through the completion of a project
  • Develop a network of contacts
  • Benefit from support and mentoring in your chosen career path
  • Improve your CV and increase your future career prospects

You can expect to work alongside a team of experts and be fully integrated into their day-to-day working activities. You will be guided through a training programme by a mentor and/or supervisor, with whom you will set learning objectives to be attained during your placement. You can expect to have regular review meetings with your supervisor.

In return, we expect you to commit to the advertised hours and duration of the placement, so that you can benefit fully from the experience.

Royal Collection Trust will reimburse reasonable travel expenses (on presentation of proof of purchase). We also provide lunch and other benefits.

Student placements are advertised on the British Monarchy website, discipline-specific websites and journals, in training colleges and in universities.