Internships with Royal Collection Trust are structured full-time programmes that provide on-the-job learning across a range of professions over a period ranging from six months to one year. Our programmes are sufficient in length to allow you to be involved in a meaningful project, while gaining broad experience in your chosen field of work.

We run internship programmes at St James's Palace, Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle.

A Royal Collection Trust internship will allow you to:

  • Gain workplace experience
  • Build the skill base and knowledge required for your chosen field
  • Be involved in a meaningful project
  • Improve your CV and increase your future career prospects
  • Develop a network of contacts
  • Benefit from support and mentoring in your chosen career path

The areas in which we offer internships vary, but we currently have interns working in:

  • Curatorial (Pictures)
  • Curatorial (Decorative Arts)
  • Curatorial (Royal Library)
  • Gilding
  • Paper Conservation

In recent years we have also offered internships in Photographic Services, Book Conservation, Ceramics and Marketing.

As an intern you will be assigned to a mentor and/or supervisor, with whom you will set specific learning objectives to be achieved during the course of the internship. You can expect to have regular review meetings with your supervisor.

You will be allocated specific daily tasks, for which you will receive support and training, and you will also be involved in more long-term project-based work.

We expect you to commit to the full length of the programme, so that you can benefit fully from the experience.

Internships are advertised on the British Monarchy website. You can register for job alerts to be kept up to date about internship opportunities.