1-Year Pass

What is a 1-Year Pass?

How do I convert my ticket into a 1-Year Pass?

What should I do to gain complimentary re-admission on subsequent visits?

Are there any dates on which I am unable to use my 1-Year Pass?

I am buying a combined ticket. Does the ticket for each site I visit need to be signed and stamped?

I am buying the ticket as a gift. Can it still be converted into a 1-Year Pass?

Which tickets cannot be converted into a 1-Year Pass?

I am planning to buy several tickets and visit with friends and family. Can we all convert our tickets into 1-Year Passes?

If I buy a ticket for an Exclusive Evening Tour, British Sign Language Tour or Verbal Description Tour, can I convert it into a 1-Year Pass?

Once I have converted my ticket into a 1-Year Pass, is it valid for complimentary re-admission every day?

Can my 1-Year Pass be used by a friend?

Some sites operate timed admission. How will this affect my visit?