Visiting with children: The Queen's Gallery, Buckingham Palace

The Queen’s Gallery offers a great day out for children.  Here are some ideas to help you plan your visit.  The Queen's Gallery will open on 11 April 2014 with The First Georgians: Art & Monarchy 1714-1760.

Things to do during your visit

Family activity bag
Pick up a family activity bag at the exhibition entrance.The bag is full of challenges and activities for all the family.

Family Activity Bags are suitable for families with children aged 5 to 11.

The Millar Learning Room
Start or end your visit in the Millar Learning Room which has been transformed into a coffee house. Smell the coffee and hear the talk of London in the mid-eighteenth century.  Take a closer look at the pictures on the walls and open the books to see what you find as you explore the early Georgian era. Try on different hats to hear four different stories that you might have overheard in London 250 years ago…

The top five things to look out for

Portraits of George I
George I was born in Hanover, in what is now Germany, and at the age 54 he ascended to the British throne. Look out for his equestrian portrait – which means a portrait of a person sitting on a horse. What do you think about his pose?

The Music Party
This painting shows Frederick Prince of Wales and his sisters playing different musical instruments. Fredrick was very talented musician. 
Do you know how to play a musical instrument? What is your favourite type of music?

Dining Table
Look for the table set with beautiful cutlery from 300 years ago. It looks really impressive. Do you help with laying of the table for dinner at your home?

Canaletto's Paintings of London 
Does this sight look familiar? This view of London was painted 250 years ago. Do you recognize any buildings? What has changed since?

Explore our Georgian Coffee House
Hear the talk of the town, look around you and try to find a little mouse hidden in the room.

Practical information

  • Lavatories and baby-care facilities are available in The Queen’s Gallery.
  • There are several cafés and restaurants nearby on Buckingham Palace Road.
  • Bottled water can be purchased from the Royal Mews Shop nearby.
  • The Queen’s Gallery Shop has a number of items priced between £1 and £5. There is a wide range of interesting gifts for children.
  • At the end of your visit, don’t forget to ask a Warden to stamp your ticket and convert it into a 1-Year Pass. Then visit us again.

Things to-do at home

For activities and colouring sheets to enjoy at home click on our Learning resources page.

Stay in touch

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