The State Rooms, Buckingham Palace

Visiting with children: the State Rooms, Buckingham Palace

A Family in the Blue Drawing Room, Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace offers a great day out for children.  Here are some ideas to help you plan your visit.

Things to do during your visit

Take the free family audio tour
Explore the Palace with our two reporters, James and Rachel.
(Aimed at children aged 7-11 years)

Relax and have fun in the Activity Room
Open during August for paper-based colouring activities.

Pick up a garden trail
Look out for birds, fish and insects and their different habitats in the Palace garden.

The top five things to look out for

The Throne Room
There are lots of royal thrones in the Throne Room. Can you find the ones used by The Queen and Prince Philip?

The Ballroom
You can’t miss the room where Queen Victoria threw parties for 2,000 people. The Ballroom is the largest room in the Palace - big enough to hold 84 double-decker buses.

The secret door
The Queen arrives in the State Rooms through a hidden door from her private apartments. Can you spot the door in the White Drawing Room?

Signs & symbols
Keep your eyes peeled for hidden royal signs and symbols. Look out for the crowns on doors, lions on furniture and roses on the ceiling.

The garden
The garden at Buckingham Palace is an oasis of calm green space in the busy city and all sorts of birds and insects love to make their home here. Can you find the helipad and the lake that Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert, fell in?

Practical information

  • Lavatories and baby-care facilities are at the end of the visitor route.
  • For safety reasons, pushchairs cannot be taken into the State Rooms. They must be checked in and reclaimed at the exit. Baby carriers and hip seats can be borrowed free of charge, subject to availability.
  • Light refreshments are available in the Garden Café on the West Terrace at the end of the visitor route.
  • Please take extra care in the garden, as the visitor route is close to the lake.
  • The Garden Shop has a number of items priced between £1 and £5. There is a wide range of interesting gifts for children.
  • At the end of your visit, don’t forget to ask a Warden to stamp your ticket and convert it into a 1-Year Pass. Then visit us again.

Things to do at home

For activities and colouring sheets to enjoy at home see the top right-hand corner of this page.

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