After 1066, what happened next?

Students participating in a schools' session at Windsor Castle

With the defeat of the Anglo-Saxons at the Battle of Hastings, this session allows students to investigate how prominent events of the time are reflected in the development of Windsor Castle from an earth and timber fortress, to its role as magnificent seat of government during the reign of medieval kings such as Henry II and Edward III. We explore the reasons for the Castle's construction and choice of site and also imagine the Castle under siege in 1216, following the signing of the Magna Carta.  Handling of replica medieval costume and armour and a mission for the students to investigate Windsor's formidable defences and hill-top site bring the period alive.

For teachers delivering the subject through event-based teaching and, for those focusing on specific themes through the period, we highlight changes in medieval society and the role of castles in the middle ages.


 100 to 180 pupils?  If you are unable to attend the above session because pupil numbers exceed those shown, why not join us for Medieval Mayhem and take advantage of our special programme for larger groups?  With a programmed timetable, pupils are invited to meet our team of historical interpreters and ask questions whilst handling their amazing collection of replica armour, weapons and costume.  Coupled with our site visit workbook, this session provides pupils with the opportunity to explore the Castle and the history of the medieval period in a fun and memorable way.  These sessions are currently only available on 29 September and 22 October 2015.


“So well-pitched and well presented – I wish all school trips were this well prepared.”
Class Teacher

Session details

Curriculum themes: 
Castle architecture
Magna Carta
Medieval life
Age group: 
Key stage 3
School subjects: 
Maximum pupils per session: 
40 minutes
11:30 (lunch 12:30),12:30 (lunch 11:45)
Windsor Castle
Learning room: 
The Moat Room
Essential information: 
Available on the following Tuesdays: 21 April, 12 May, 23 June and 14 July 2015.
Before making a booking please visit this page: 
Essential booking and visit information for Schools - Windsor
(+44) (0)20 7766 7323