The Form of Morning Prayer
The Royal Collection © 2012,
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
RCIN 1129966 (book) RCIN 98141 (bookmark)

The Form of Morning Prayer


Edited by Charlotte Grimston and published by J. Hatchard

Presented to Prince Albert

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This prayer book was given to Prince Albert on his wedding day by Victoria, Duchess of Kent, who was both his aunt and his new mother-in-law. A tiny gold shield on the back is engraved with the date of the wedding, 10 February 1840. The two clasped hands, which form the fastening, serve as a reminder of the joining of hands in the marriage ceremony. The gold bookmark on silk ribbons is set with eight semi-precious stones, the first letters of which spell VICTORIA: Vermeil; Jargoon (the letter j was often used as an i); Chrysolite; Turquoise; Opal; Ruby; Jargoon; Amethyst. More