Queen Victoria
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Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
RCIN 422422

Queen Victoria


Sir William Charles Ross

Commissioned by Queen Victoria

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Queen Victoria sat to Ross in July 1841 for this miniature, which was to be ‘a pendant to the beautiful one he did of Albert’ (Journal, 13 July 1841). She is portrayed in profile wearing an off-the-shoulder dress which allows her elaborate hairstyle and necklace to be seen: the pose is similar (though in reverse) to the oil ‘sketch’ by Landseer of 1839, which the Queen gave to Prince Albert before their marriage and which he treasured. Her hair is plaited in the same style and she is wearing the crystal pendant, an engagement gift from Queen Louise of the Belgians in November 1839 into which the Queen put a lock of Prince Albert's hair: 'Dearest Albert came to me … and gave me [a letter] from Louise ... accompanied by a lovely diamond heart, in which I have at once placed dear Albert's hair, which I was always wearing in a plain little locket' (Journal, 12 November 1839). More