Prince Albert
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Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
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Prince Albert


Sir William Charles Ross

Commissioned by Queen Victoria

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Ross began painting this portrait in February 1840, soon after the Queen and Prince Albert were married, and it became Queen Victoria’s favourite image of her husband. On 5 March 1840 she ‘remained with [Albert] whilst he sat to Ross, who is doing a most exquisite likeness of him, a profile, in a black velvet jacket, with the collar turned down, & no cravat’ (Journal). The miniature was copied and set into a bracelet which Queen Victoria is depicted wearing in several portraits. As late as October 1872 her eldest daughter, Victoria, Princess Royal (now Crown Princess of Prussia) asked the Queen to send her ‘an engraving of the lovely miniature of Sir Wm. Ross (in the black velvet coat, in profile) wh. stands on your writing table’. More