Victoria & Albert: Art & Love

Contemporary Painting and Sculpture

The reign of Queen Victoria saw a great increase in the popularity of exhibitions of all kinds. The Queen and Prince Albert attended the annual shows of the Royal Academy and made numerous purchases. Frederic Leighton’s Cimabue’s Madonna, exhibited in 1855, was the most spectacular, and resulted from a desire to help a promising artist at the beginning of his career.



The Meeting of Tasso and Leonora d’Este
Miriam's song of praise
Bertel Thorvaldsen
Peter Asmus Möller
Isaac van Amburgh and his animals
A view in Cairo
The Eve of the Deluge
A scene from Undine
The Madonna and Child
Religion glorified by the Fine Arts
Una among the fauns and wood nymphs
The disarming of Cupid
The Disturber Detected
Saint Luke painting the Virgin
Raphael's first sketch of the Madonna della Sedia
Ramsgate Sands (Life at the Seaside)
Cimabue's Madonna carried in procession
The Almsdeeds of Dorcas
The cottage home
Home (The return from the Crimea)
The letter-writer of Seville
La Rixe
The grandmother's birthday
The Woman taken in Adultery
Coronation scene from Le Prophète
Scene from Goethe's Faust
Red Riding Hood
Dinah Morris preaching on the Common
Hetty Sorrel and Squire Donnithorne in Mrs Poyser's Dairy
Napoleon crossing the Alps
L'Hémicycle des Arts
Historical rulers of Bavaria
Penelope with the Bow of Ulysses
Psyche lamenting the loss of Cupid
Richard II and Bolingbroke
The Eagle Slayer
Saïd Abdallah
Vénus africaine
Sappho and Cupid
Paul et Virginie
Le Lion Amoureux
Richard I
Princess Gouramma of Coorg
Maharaja Dalip Singh
Friedrich Rückert