Queen & Commonwealth


To mark the important principle of friendship that underlies The Queen’s visits to Commonwealth countries, or her attendance at Commonwealth Heads of Government meetings, an exchange of gifts is always made. Gifts to The Queen given on such occasions take many different forms. They are often examples of local craftsmanship and artistic traditions, and are presented in the traditional ceremonies of the indigenous peoples. In The Queen’s realms, gifts have also taken the form of scholarships, bursaries, foundations, and even parks created in her name, and these now number many thousands.

Some items are loaned to an appropriate organisation, for example a Maori canoe, given by the government of New Zealand, is on long-term loan to the British Museum, and two floor mats given by Queen Salote and the Tongan people are at the Royal Scottish Museum.


Walking stick
Model of the SS <em>Gothic</em>
Tabua (whale's tooth)
Kiwi feather cape
Box with feathers
Betel leaf dish
Bowl and stand
Ice hockey puck
Bronze Mask
Model of Qutb Minar Tower, Delhi
Oil burner
Model of the Toran Gate
Silver scroll container
Model of an elephant
Model of a Royal Procession
Walking stick
Carved lamp
Man in a Landscape
Tabua (whale's tooth)
Wall plaque
Pair of candlesticks
Tribal Dance
Carved wood and shell statue
Totem pole
Gold box
Badge of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Peace pipe
Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge
Wall hanging
Tabua (whale's tooth)
Carved figure of a warrior
Model crocodile
Arawak Duho (Turtle stool)
Tablecloth and napkins
Model of the Olympic Stadium, Montreal
Inscribed maple leaf
Model of a hornbill
Caribbean scene
Sea shell collage
Eyes on the Prize
Spice box and tray
Kiwi feather bag
Kava bowl
Tea caddy
Marble sculpture of an eagle
Patchwork quilt
Batik of humming birds
People at work: a tropical harvest
Shell plaque
Calabasa bowl
Model of HMY <em>Britannia</em>
Chautu's Family
Model oil rig
Silver fruit bowl with fruit
Relief of the Verdala Palace
Pineapples in paradise
Boomerang and shield
Patchwork quilt with Guiding emblems
Queen Elizabeth II in ceremonial headdress
Chess set
Silk scarf
Model bus
Model of the Golden Temple of Amritsar
Picture of the countryside
Kente embroidery
The traditional view of nature
Walking stick
Ebony carving
Royal Pageant
Emu egg
Aboriginal abstract painting
Golden Jubilee Relay Baton
Commemorative bowl, Manchester Games
Coat of arms
Totem pole
Orchid <em>Dendrobrium Elizabeth</em>
Three fans
Hardstone profile head
Glazed black pot
Flame lily brooch
Maple leaf brooch
Fern brooch
Pair of opal earrings and necklace
Wattle brooch
Spray brooch
Porcupine brooch
Botswana flower brooch
Doctor Bird brooch
Tapa cloth
Plaque with aboriginal hunter