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Arawak Duho (Turtle stool)
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Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
RCIN 92639

Arawak Duho (Turtle stool)


George Mosko

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This stool in the shape of a turtle was presented to The Queen by the People and Commonwealth of The Bahamas in February 1975.

This stool is made from Swietenia Mahogoni, a hardwood found throughout The Bahamas, Cuba, Jamaica and southern Florida. It is commonly called Madeira wood in The Bahamas where it is thought the name originates from the early use of mahogany for the manufacture of casks for the shipment of Madeira wine. It was popular among the early settlers of The Bahamas for use in cabinet making and is termite resistant. The eyes are formed from two dyed limpet shells.

Ceremonial stools such as this were intended for the use of the Chief and honoured guests of the Arawak Indians and almost certainly had religious significance.