Middle period anatomical studies, c.1504-10


The anatomy of a male nude
The legs of a man lunging to the right
A nude man from the waist down, and notes
The musculature of a leg
Studies of the musculature of the leg
A study of the digestive organs, the head of an old man in profile, a rubbed study of Leda, and geometrical diagrams
Notes on anatomy and optics
Notes on mechanics
Notes on anatomy
Notes on the mechanics of the body
Studies of the arm
A comparison of men's and horses' legs
Studies of staircases, and of the vessels of the body
The organs and vessels of the body
The cerebral ventricles of the brain of an ox
Studies of the bones and muscles of the arm
Studies of the eyes and brain
The heart and lungs, liver, spleen and kidneys, with blood vessels, and notes
A figure showing the position of the lungs
The lungs, bladder, and male genitalia
Studies of the heart, lungs, and vessels, with notes
Studies of the heart, lungs, liver, spleen, etc.
The male genito-urinary system with blood vessels
The cervical spine, oesophagus and trachea
The organs of the male torso
The main blood vessels of the thorax and superficial veins of arm, etc.
Diagram of the spine, nerves, vessels, etc., and notes on the intercostal muscles
The vessels of a man's left thigh
Studies of the male torso
The bone and vessels of the thigh
The vessels of the leg, and a monstrous head
Studies of the skull, brain, cranial nerves, and cerebral ventricles, and notes
Sketches of the intestines, scapels and hooks for dissection
Studies on speech
The principal organs and vessels of a woman (tracing)
The principal organs and vessels of a woman
The male genito-urinary system
Studies of coition, wave propagation, architecture, engineering, etc.<br />