Miscellaneous mechanics


A piece of machinery
A water-wheel geared to an Archimedes screw
Sketches of a levelling instrument, a geometric diagram, and a man using a levelling staff
A mould for casting artillery
Diagrams of a machine and tools for mixing mortar, with notes
A machine with geared wheels
A fragment of a cross-bow
A fragment of a cross-bow
Studies of machinery
A fragment of embankment stakes
Miscellaneous engineering studies, and a sketch of the act of coitus
Studies of statics, optics, engineering, and jests
Sketches of plunger pumps
Calculations with architectural, engineering, and geometric sketches
A fragment of a needle-making machine
Fragments of a mechanical saw
Fragments of machinery
A sketch of machinery
A slight sketch of machinery
Fragments of diagrams
Sketches of machinery, geometrical diagrams, and calculations
Notes on mechanics, and sketches of the male torso
A bell-ringing device
A sheet of notes, diagrams of graded pipes, and calculations
Notes and studies of lathes
Diagrams of machinery, etc.
A note on dynamics
Notes on weight and statics, with diagrams
A list of memoranda, with sketches
Sketches of machinery, and a profile
Arithmetical jottings