The Knights of the Garter under Henry VIII
This special feature includes all the men who were Knights of the Garter during Henry’s reign (1509-47). Fifty-two of them are still represented by engraved and enamelled plates, placed in the stall they occupied during the Order’s ceremonies in St George’s Chapel. Although initially intended as memorials, by Henry’s reign these plates were being introduced to St George’s within a year of each Knight’s installation. Each plate featured the Knight’s arms and name, and often his motto and the offices he held. Plates were taken down when a Knight was degraded for treason, and in other cases, we have no evidence that a plate was ever installed, so plates do not survive for all of Henry's Garter Knights. The stall plates were left in place on each Knight’s death, and remain as memorials to the men who have been elected to the Order over the centuries.

Knights of the Garter alive in 1509 appointed by Edward IV, Richard III and Henry VII

Thomas FitzAlan, Lord Maltravers, tenth Earl of Arundel
Thomas Howard, Earl of Surrey, second Duke of Norfolk
John de Vere, thirteenth Earl of Oxford
George Talbot, fourth Earl of Shrewsbury
Maximilian I, King of the Romans, later Holy Roman Emperor
Edward Courtenay, eighth Earl of Devon
Sir Edward Poynings
John, King of Denmark, Norway and Sweden
Sir Gilbert Talbot
Henry, Duke of York, later Henry VIII
Henry Algernon Percy, fourth Earl of Northumberland
Edward Stafford, third Duke of Buckingham
Sir Charles Somerset, Lord Herbert of Raglan and first Earl of Worcester
Henry Bourchier, second Earl of Essex
Sir Thomas Lovell
Thomas Grey, second Marquess of Dorset
Gerald Fitzgerald, eighth Earl of Kildare
Richard Grey, third Earl of Kent
Sir Henry Stafford, first Earl of Wiltshire
Sir Rhys ap Thomas
Sir Thomas Brandon
Charles of Austria, later Charles I, King of Spain, and Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor

Knights of the Garter appointed 1509-1519

Sir Thomas Darcy, first Baron Darcy
Edward Sutton, second Baron Dudley
Emanuel I, King of Portugal
Sir Thomas Howard, Earl of Surrey and third Duke of Norfolk
Sir Henry Marney, first Baron Marney
Thomas West, eighth Baron de la Warr
George Nevill, fifth Baron Bergavenny
Sir Edward Howard
Sir Charles Brandon, later Viscount Lisle and Duke of Suffolk
Giuliani de' Medici, Duke of Nemours
Edward Stanley, first Baron Monteagle
Thomas, second Baron Dacre of Gillesland
Sir William Sandys, first Baron Sandys of The Vyne

Knights of the Garter appointed 1520-1529

Henry Courtenay, tenth Earl of Devon, Marquess of Exeter
Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria, later Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor
Sir Richard Wingfield
Thomas Boleyn, Viscount Rochford, first Earl of Wiltshire and Ormond
Walter Devereux, third Baron Ferrers, first Viscount Hereford
Arthur Plantagenet, Viscount Lisle
Robert Radcliffe, tenth Baron Fitzwalter, first Earl of Sussex
William FitzAlan, eleventh Earl of Arundel
Thomas Manners, twelfth Baron Ros, first Earl of Rutland
Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Richmond and Somerset
Ralph Neville, fourth Earl of Westmorland
William Blount, fourth Baron Mountjoy
William Fitzwilliam, first Earl of Southampton
Sir Henry Guildford
Francis I, King of France
John de Vere, fifteenth Earl of Oxford

Knights of the Garter appointed 1530-1539

Henry Percy, fifth Earl of Northumberland
Anne de Montmorency, Duke of Montmorency
Philip de Chabot, Count of Neublanche, later Count of Charny and Buzançais
James V, King of Scotland
Sir Nicholas Carew
Henry Clifford, first Baron Clifford, first Earl of Cumberland
Thomas Cromwell, first Earl of Essex
John Russell, first Earl of Bedford
Sir Thomas Cheney
Sir William Kingston

Knights of the Garter appointed 1540-1547

Thomas, first Baron Audley of Walden
Sir Anthony Browne
Edward Seymour, first Earl of Hertford, first Duke of Somerset
Sir Henry Howard, styled Earl of Surrey
Sir John Gage
Sir Anthony Wingfield
John Dudley, Viscount Lisle, first Earl of Warwick and first Duke of Northumberland
William Paulet, Lord St John, first Earl of Wiltshire and first Marquess of Winchester
William, Lord Parr, first Earl of Essex and first Marquess of Northampton
Sir John Wallop
Henry FitzAlan, twelfth Earl of Arundel
Sir Anthony St Leger
Francis Talbot, fifth Earl of Shrewsbury
Thomas Wriothesley, first Earl of Southampton