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A special exhibition for the
Summer Opening of the State Rooms,
Buckingham Palace, 2006
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The Royal Collection © 2008,
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
RCIN 200137

The Cullinan VI and VIII brooch

Probably Garrards

The marquise pendant of 11.5 carats, Cullinan VI, purchased by King Edward VII from Asschers, was set by Queen Alexandra on her regal circlet. It is now suspended from Cullinan VIII, an emerald-cut stone of 6.8 carats given to Queen Mary in 1910 by the South African Government. Like the Cullinan V brooch, Cullinan VIII was also designed to be used in the Delhi Durbar stomacher. The brooch was inherited by The Queen in 1953.

The Delhi Durbar Necklace  The Cullinan V brooch