The Queen's Gallery, Buckingham Palace, London - 14 March - 28 September 2008

The works in this exhibition have been selected, in collaboration with Sir David Attenborough, from six remarkable and diverse groups of natural history drawings and watercolours in the Royal Collection. They date from the late fifteenth century to the early eighteenth century, a period when European knowledge of the world’s flora and fauna was transformed by voyages of discovery to Africa, Asia and the Americas. Through painstaking examination and description, Leonardo da Vinci, the collector Cassiano dal PozzoWenceslaus HollarAlexander MarshalMaria Sibylla Merian and  Mark Catesby hoped to comprehend the natural riches of an ever-expanding world.

The Age of Discovery
Sir David Attenborough ©BBC 2007


Leonardo da Vinci
The Paper Museum of Cassiano dal Pozzo
Wenceslaus Hollar
Alexander Marshal
Maria Sibylla Merian
Mark Catesby

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