The Heart of the Great Alone: Scott, Shackleton and Antarctic Photography

Looking south over the frozen sea, lat. 74° 10' S. long. 27° 10'  W,

14 January 1915

Frank Hurley

Presented to King George V, 1917


On 10 January 1915 the Endurance expedition members first sighted land. Shackleton decided to sail past Glacier Bay, a good landing spot but 100 miles (185 km) further north than his intended landfall. It would prove his only opportunity to land; the ship became trapped in the ice on 18 January, and by 27 January was stuck fast, at the mercy of the ice and current. Already frozen in, a mere month after leaving South Georgia, Shackleton’s men look out over a vast ice sheet, dwarfed by the emptiness of the landscape. The horizon seems very far away.

Silver bromide print

15.3 x 20.5 cm

RCIN 2580056