Schools: Windsor
Explore the many stories of Windsor Castle's transformation from William the Conqueror’s wooden fortress to our Queen's splendid palace, and discover a wealth of learning opportunities for your pupils.

School Sessions

Children participating in a schools' session at Windsor Castle

Key stage 1 FAMOUS PEOPLE  What are The Queen’s favourite hobbies and how would it feel to wear her Coronation robe and crown? How do we tell if she is at the Castle and what does she do to make someone a knight?... Read more about The Queen, on duty and off

Children discover why Windsor Castle was a popular royal residence at the time of the Tudor monarchs and learn about the splendour of the Tudor Court. In this interactive talk and handling session we investigate: why Henry VIII married six times; who... Read more about The Tudors at Windsor Castle

Learning Resources

Can you find the golden tiger with a tongue that wiggles? Where is the cheeky monkey hiding?

With one of The Queen's corgis to help you, follow the trail to find these splendid things and more around this famous royal home.... Read more about Windsor Castle: A Royal Home Trail

Bring the Royal Collection into the classroom with this themed selection of resources for Primary Teachers focusing on Teaching the Victorians.... Read more about Teaching the Victorians