Schools: Windsor
Explore the many stories of Windsor Castle's transformation from William the Conqueror’s wooden fortress to our Queen's splendid palace, and discover a wealth of learning opportunities for your pupils.

School Sessions

Students participating in a learning session at St Georges Chapel, Windsor Castle

Key stage 3 TUDORS AND STUARTS  In this guided tour of St George’s Chapel we focus on Henry VIII and Charles I, who are buried in the Chapel and whose reigns changed the religious and political landscape of their time, and on the... Read more about St George’s Chapel in the 16th and 17th Centuries

Role play during a schools' session at Windsor Castle

Key stage 1 / Key stage 2 CASTLES, MATERIALS  Why were castles built, what were they used for and who lived in them? Pupils explore the role of castles in medieval times, and learn about all the people needed to service them and their... Read more about What were Castles for?

Learning Resources

How can you tell if The Queen is at Windsor Castle when you visit?  Why is the Castle built on a hill?  Whose banners hang in St George's Chapel?  Find the answers to these and many other questions by following the Learning about Castles... Read more about Windsor Castle: Learning about Castles Trail and Information Sheet

Windsor Castle Tower

To support our Key Stages 1 and 2 taught programmes and self-directed visits, we offer a wide range of resource material on different themes and for different ages and levels of ability.... Read more about Windsor Castle Trail: Quiz sheets