Schools: Windsor
Explore the many stories of Windsor Castle's transformation from William the Conqueror’s wooden fortress to our Queen's splendid palace, and discover a wealth of learning opportunities for your pupils.

School Sessions

Key stage 2 VICTORIANS  This guided tour focuses on all the evidence to be found in St George’s Chapel of its long association with Queen Victoria, her direct predecessors and her family. The tour complements the session Queen... Read more about St George's Chapel and Queen Victoria

Key stage 1 / Key stage 2 KNIGHTS AND CASTLES  Children explore Windsor Castle as a place in which knights lived, and learn about how they trained for battle and the code of chivalry they followed. We discover how the Castle links to... Read more about Knights in Days Gone By

Learning Resources

How can you tell if The Queen is at Windsor Castle when you visit?  Why is the Castle built on a hill?  Whose banners hang in St George's Chapel?  Find the answers to these and many other questions by following the Learning about Castles... Read more about Windsor Castle: Learning about Castles Trail and Information Sheet

Can you find the golden tiger with a tongue that wiggles? Where is the cheeky monkey hiding?

With one of The Queen's corgis to help you, follow the trail to find these splendid things and more around this famous royal home.... Read more about Windsor Castle: A Royal Home Trail