Schools: Windsor
Explore the many stories of Windsor Castle's transformation from William the Conqueror’s wooden fortress to our Queen's splendid palace, and discover a wealth of learning opportunities for your pupils.

School Sessions

Children participating in a schools' session at Windsor Castle

Walk, talk and chalk

Age group: 
Key stage 1, Key stage 2
School subjects: 
History, Art & Design
Windsor Castle

NEW FOR 2014-15 This guided walk of the Castle’s open spaces is an exciting way for children to examine Windsor’s battlements, arrow loops and towers and see for themselves the advantages of building a castle on a hill. Through role ... Read more about Walk, talk and chalk

Waterloo: Winning words

Age group: 
Key stage 2
School subjects: 
Literacy, English Language, History
Windsor Castle

In the commemorative year marking the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, discover the characters and stories behind this significant event in history in our new creative writing workshop, led by a published author. ... Read more about Waterloo: Winning words

Learning Resources

Bring on the battle: Children's activity

Imagine you are a soldier hundreds of years ago trying to take Windsor Castle from the king: is it easy to break in or are the defences strong enough to keep you out?  Find out by playing the Bring on the Battle! game.   ... Read more about Bring on the battle: Children's activity

Windsor Castle's iconic Round Tower

Windsor Castle Trail: Quiz sheets

To support our taught programmes and self-directed visits, we offer a wide range of resource material on different themes and for different ages and levels of ability. ... Read more about Windsor Castle Trail: Quiz sheets