Gothic Splendour

Key stage 3 MEDIEVAL  This guided tour of St George’s Chapel focuses on the establishment of the Order of the Garter in 1348 and its founder Edward III, on events leading up to the building of St George’s Chapel which began in 1475, and on some of the Chapel’s finest medieval treasures. The role of the Chapel today as a Christian place of worship can also be included if of interest. The tour complements the session Windsor Castle in medieval times and links to KS3 Medieval History and to cross-curricular studies including RE.

"We were all so interested in the history of the Chapel.  The tour was so interesting and the tour guide very good."
KS3: Class evaluation

Session details

Curriculum themes: 
Age group: 
Key stage 3
School subjects: 
Religious Education
Maximum pupils per session: 
30 (2 tours available per day)
30 minutes (led by Chapel stewards)
To fit in with other session booked
Days of the week: 
Windsor Castle
Learning room: 
St George's Chapel
(+44) (0)20 7766 7323