School sessions

Children participating in a schools' session at St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle

Key stage 1 / Key stage 2 KNIGHTS AND CASTLES  Completed during the reign of Henry VIII, who is one of ten kings buried here, St George’s Chapel has a wealth of educational interest for primary school children.... Read more about St George's Chapel and the Knights of the Garter

Students participating in a learning session at St Georges Chapel, Windsor Castle

Key stage 3 TUDORS AND STUARTS  In this guided tour of St George’s Chapel we focus on Henry VIII and Charles I, who are buried in the Chapel and whose reigns changed the religious and political landscape of their time, and on the... Read more about St George’s Chapel in the 16th and 17th Centuries

Join our storyteller and follow the adventures of Maggie, a servant ghost, to discover the stories and secrets of the Palace. This storytelling session offers a fun and unique opportunity for younger pupils to find out about the kings and queens who... Read more about Storytelling at the Palace

In this art-focused session, led by a professional artist, pupils will investigate the beginning of the Georgian era through elements from the exhibition, linking them to their understanding of today's world.
... Read more about The Georgian 'Selfie': The Art of the Conversation Piece.

Children participating in a schools' session at Windsor Castle

Key stage 1 FAMOUS PEOPLE  What are The Queen’s favourite hobbies and how would it feel to wear her Coronation robe and crown? How do we tell if she is at the Castle and what does she do to make someone a knight?... Read more about The Queen, on duty and off

A joint visit to The Queen's Gallery and the Palace of Holyroodhouse.  This session allows pupils to examine the life of famous Stuart kings and queens through replica dress, portraits from the In Fine Style: The Art of Tudor and Stuart... Read more about The Stuart Court: Joint Visit with the Palace of Holyroodhouse

Children discover why Windsor Castle was a popular royal residence at the time of the Tudor monarchs and learn about the splendour of the Tudor Court. In this interactive talk and handling session we investigate: why Henry VIII married six times; who... Read more about The Tudors at Windsor Castle

Trying on replica armour during a schools' session at Windsor Castle

Key stage 1 / Key stage 2 KNIGHTS AND CASTLES  Pupils learn about castles and who lived in them, including kings, princes and knights, and discover how the armour they wore evolved from medieval times to the Tudor period. Through... Read more about What Was it Like to Wear Armour?

Role play during a schools' session at Windsor Castle

Key stage 1 / Key stage 2 CASTLES, MATERIALS  Why were castles built, what were they used for and who lived in them? Pupils explore the role of castles in medieval times, and learn about all the people needed to service them and their... Read more about What were Castles for?

A schools learning session at Windsor Castle

EYFS / Key stage 1 HOMES  In this storytelling session children travel back in time to 1855 when Queen Victoria’s housekeeper and staff at Windsor Castle are preparing for a glittering occasion – the State visit of the Emperor... Read more about Will the Castle be Ready in Time?