Adult learning, the Palace of Holyroodhouse
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Discover the Royal Palaces and the treasures of the Royal Collection with short talks, lectures, courses and special events.

Learning events for adults

This short talk by Sally Goodsir, Assistant Curator of Decorative Arts, will look at the importance of the River Thames to London in the early eighteenth century, using the extensive Canaletto panoramas to bring to life some of the sights, sounds and ... Read more about Short talk - Royal River

Hyperlink to lecture event 'The little-ingenious Garrick and the ingenious little Hogarth': Art and the Theatre 1714–1760'

Free Short Talk with an exhibition ticket or 1-Year Pass. William Hogarth's exceptional portrait of the greatest actor of the age, David Garrick, reveals as much about the painter as the sitter. Both men decried the pretensions of the ... Read more about Short talk - William Hogarth, David Garrick and his Wife

Learning resources for adults

Charles-Alexandre de Calonne, Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun, 1784

Royal Collection curator Jennifer Scott Introduces the artist Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun through her 1784 portrait of Charles-Alexandre de Calonne and this talk considers how this female artist earned international reputation for her stylish portrayals ... Read more about Curator Film - the Female Artist

Participants at an Adult Learning Lecture at The Queen's Gallery

There is a vast literature on the Royal Collection, the royal palaces and the British monarchy.

The attached reading list provides references to the works which will be of most use for the Royal Collection Studies course. ... Read more about Royal Collection Studies - Reading list 2012