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Recto: Miscellaneous anatomical studies. Verso: The leg sectioned


Creator: Leonardo da Vinci (Vinci 1452-Amboise 1519) (artist)
Creation Date: 
Materials and techniques: 
Recto: Pen and ink over metalpoint, on pale blue prepared paper. Verso: Pen and ink
22.2 x 29.0 cm
RL 12627
K&P 4
Acquirer: Charles II, King of Great Britain (1630-85)
Bequeathed to Francesco Melzi; from whose heirs purchased by Pompeo Leoni, c.1582-90; Thomas Howard, 2nd Earl of Arundel, by 1630; Probably acquired by Charles II; Royal Collection by 1690

Recto: three studies of legs; one is seen from behind; one is in profile, drawn to show the muscles, veins and nerves, the third is shown from the front, with the muscles indicated; a young man in profile to the left, drawn to show the digestive organs; to the left, a head in profile showing muscles and bones; a section of a skull; the bones of the leg; a frontal view of the digestive organs. Verso: the right leg of a man, measured, then cut into sections, which show the parts of his anatomy numbered for reference; the letters .D.D in black ink.

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