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The Etruscan service


Creator: Naples Royal Porcelain factory (1771-1820) (porcelain manufacturer)
Creation Date: 
1785 - 1787
Soft paste tin glazed porcelain and gilded decoration
Plates 3.4 x 25.3, soup dishes 7.4 x 25.4 x 22.4,
Acquirer: George III, King of the United Kingdom (1738-1820), when King of Great Britain (1760-1800)
Commissioned by Ferdinand IV, King of Naples 1783, by whom presented to George III in 1787.

The Neo-classical style shapes of this Naples soft paste porcelain dinner service is derived from archeological excavations at Nola, Herculaneum, Pompei and in other parts of the then Kingdom of Naples. It was the most ambitious service produced at the Royal Porcelain Factory which had been established in Naples by the Bourbon King, Ferdinand IV in 1771. The Director of the factory, Domienico Venuti (1745-1817), was also keeper of Antiquities and the service was intended to show off the collection of ancient vases in the Museo Borbonico.

105 plates, 27 soup dishes, 4 vegetables dishes and covers, 3 large soup tureens, covers and stands, 4 salad bowls, 3 circular serving dishes, 2 circular serving dishes, 4 salts, 4 cruet stands, 4 fruit baskets, 3 fruit dishes, 3 fruit dishes, 4 ice cream coolers, 2 sugar basins and covers, 4 powdered sugar basins, 2 cups and saucers, 3 bowls, 3 bowls and covers, 3 covers for dishes, 3 bowls, 4 krater shape bottle coolers, 4 wine glass coolers

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