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Gold ring with a miniature of Charles I


Creator: British School, 17th century (artist)
Creation Date: 
Miniature c. 1655; ring 17th c.
Materials and techniques: 
Gold and enamel
1.6 x 0.8 cm
Vic Min 1119
First recorded in the Royal Collection during the reign of King George V

A posthumous portrait of Charles I, loosely based on the central head of the King from Anthony Van Dyck’s portrait Charles I in Three Positions of 1635 (404420). Many such images in enamel, generally of poor quality, were produced for distribution to followers of the Royalist cause during the years 1649 – 60. Most were set into rings or lockets bearing the royal cipher with some sort of memorial inscription. A very similar enamel, of larger dimensions, set into a hinged enamel portrait box, is in the Royal Collection (420897).

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