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Royal Collection Trust/© Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2015

Charles I (1600-1649)


Creator: Peter Oliver (1589-1647) (artist)
Creation Date: 
Materials and techniques: 
Watercolour on vellum laid on playing card
3.9 x 3.2 cm
Reynolds 1999 70
Cust 1910 I/68
Rl 1870 2.C.6.
XQG 1999 CI 14
Possibly in the collection of James II and William III; first recorded with certainty in the Royal Collection during the reign of Queen Victoria.

This is the final miniature of Charles I in a series by Peter Oliver in the Royal Collection spanning a period of approximately eight years from c. 1620 onwards. As a work of Peter Oliver's artistic maturity, it displays the more naturalistic and painterly style which he had developed under the influence of artists at court such Daniel Mytens. It also serves as a bridge to the work of the miniaturist John Hoskins (c. 1590-1665) whose early miniatures demonstrate an affinity with works such as this one by Peter Oliver. The miniature is undated, but the the king's youthful appearance is close to that in Mytens's portrait of the king after his accession dating from 1628 (404448; Royal Collection).

Peter Oliver was trained as a miniaturist by his father, Isaac Oliver. As well as painting portrait miniatures, he copied Old Master paintings in miniature; eight of these 'Histories in Lymning' remain in the Royal Collection.

Further details

Additional Creators: Previously attributed to John Hoskins (c. 1590-1665) (artist)
Previously attributed to Richard Gibson (1615-90) (artist)