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Glittering gold accessories spanning six generations of Queens and Consorts go on display in Scotland for the first time

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Thursday, 26 March 2015

A dazzling selection of gold from the Royal Collection is to go on display in Scotland for the first time in a new exhibition at The Queen's Gallery, Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh.  It includes exquisite items of jewellery and personal accessories that give an insight into the tastes of six generations of Queens and Consorts. ... Read more about Glittering gold accessories spanning six generations of Queens and Consorts go on display in Scotland for the first time

Summer Opening of Buckingham Palace announced

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Monday, 16 March 2015

'A Royal Welcome' at the Summer Opening of Buckingham Palace announced. ... Read more about Summer Opening of Buckingham Palace announced

16th-century portrait revealed to be the first image of a professional gardener

Release date: 
Sunday, 15 March 2015
Painted nearly 500 years before the emergence of the modern day 'celebrity gardener', a 16th-century portrait, which will go on display at The Queen's Gallery, Buckingham Palace next week, has been revealed to be the first known portrait of a gardener.

From picnics at Glencoe to tasting haggis for the first time – Queen Victoria's best-selling book of her life in the Highlands, translated into Persian

Release date: 
Wednesday, 11 March 2015
Compiled from her diaries and dedicated to 'my loyal highlanders', Queen Victoria's book More leaves from the journal of a life in the Highlands, from 1862 to 1882 provides a lively and intimate glimpse into the royal author's life at Balmoral – from surviving a carriage accident to finding moments of solace after the death of Prince Albert.

Annual openings of Frogmore House and Garden

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Monday, 9 March 2015
This year, Frogmore House and Garden – the charming royal retreat set within Windsor Castle's magnificent private Home Park – will open to the public on 2, 3 and 4 June, as part of the annual Charity Garden Open Days, and on 25, 26 and 27 August 2015.
Meiji model of Taitokuin Mausoleum on display at the 1910 Japan-British Exhibition in London

Magnificent model of Japanese architectural treasure returns to Tokyo

Release date: 
Thursday, 5 February 2015
A spectacular 1:10 scale model of one of Tokyo's most important lost architectural treasures has returned to Japan after more than 100 years. Part of the British Royal Collection, the model represents the Taitokuin Mausoleum, the memorial to Tokugawa Hidetada (1579 –1632), the second Tokugawa Shogun.

George IV's battlefield souvenirs go on display as Windsor Castle marks 200th anniversary of Waterloo

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Thursday, 29 January 2015
Napoleon's cloak, taken from the defeated Emperor's fleeing baggage train; a chair made from the tree that marked the Duke of Wellington's command post on the battlefield; and one of George IV's most prized possessions – a table commissioned by Napoleon to immortalise his reign – are among the unique artefacts from the Royal Collection that will go on display at Windsor Castle to mark the 200th anniversary of the momentous battle.

Henry VIII's copy of the world's first gardening manual reveals green-fingered tips, from growing giant leeks to using goat manure

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Saturday, 24 January 2015
Cucumbers shake with fear at thunder; squash will bear fruit after nine days if planted in the ashes of human bone and watered with oil; and planting a radish, lettuce seed, nasturtium and colewort inside a ball of goat manure will result in tasty lettuces.
Gold tiger's head from the throne of Tipu Sultan


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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

The beauty and symbolism of gold, from the Early Bronze Age to the 20th century, is celebrated in an exhibition opening at The Queen's Gallery, Palace of Holyroodhouse on 27 March.  Through over 60 items drawn from across the entire breadth of the Royal Collection, Gold explores the distinctive qualities that make this rare and precious metal an enduring expression of the highest status, both earthly and divine. ... Read more about Gold

Napoleon's letter of surrender to go on display alongside previously unseen letter from the Duke of Wellington, who defeated him at Waterloo

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Tuesday, 23 December 2014
Letters written to the future monarch George IV by the Duke of Wellington and the French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte – one proclaiming victory, the other defeat – will go on display at Windsor Castle from 31 January 2015. They are part of an exhibition and themed visit, Waterloo at Windsor: 1815 – 2015, which includes items seized from the battlefield, historic documents from the Royal Collection and the Royal Archives, and contemporary prints and drawings.